The Snook and Redfish bite

Nothing quite on fire like the Snook and Redfish bite today.

The Snook and Redfish bite is on fire right now all over the Tampa Bay Area flats and Back Country waterways! Whitebait (or Greenbacks – stay away from threadfins if you can) and small Pinfish will be your go-to baits for live bait fishing during the month of October. Look for the bite to really pick up at the top of the high, out-going tides. Start in the canals and mangrove cuts and fish your way out during the out-going tide. Make sure to have plenty of bait available for slinging out your white baits to get the action started. Having a blacked-out Livewell is key, you will need it! If you are on a low incoming tide; start on the outside flats and work your way into the cuts and canals as the tide moves in. I hope you have a great day on the water and thanks for reading my posts! I hope to see you on a Bass2Bay Charter real soon! TY – Capt. Mike Morse

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